Many people are unhappy with the speed of their computer. Unfortunately, most computers decline in speed over the years. While PC slowdowns are inescapable, it’s important to remember that any PC can be sped up in a few simple steps.

However, even people who know about computer maintenance programs may not be working on a fast PC because they have no idea how often they should scan their computer with these programs. With that in mind, how often should you speed up your PC?

Speed up your PC on a monthly basis

It is a good idea to speed up your PC on a monthly basis. Speeding up your pc every month will ensure that your system is always running at optimal speed. Even if you don’t have a lot of time to clean out your computer, you can always go through the list of programs you have on your computer and uninstall the ones that you aren’t using. This takes only a few minutes, but it can provide immeasurable performance benefits on your computer.

You should also reevaluate which programs you have running at startup. Having programs launch at startup can cause a strain on the CPU and can make your computer run much slower. To edit this list of programs, run the msconfig application and pick and choose which applications you want to run.

After you have removed all the useless files, you should also clean the registry and run a system defragmentation program. These steps can take a good amount of time to complete, but in the end, it will all be worth it. You will see a massive increase in the speed of your computer, and since it only takes a few minutes, it’s easy to run these programs once per month.

Deep clean your computer on an annual or semi-annual basis

While you should speed up your PC every month, it is a good idea to “deep clean” it every year. When you deep clean your computer, you should manually remove any unnecessary files from your hard drive. For example, you may have collected several HD movies on your hard drive that you no longer watch. These can take up over 10 gigabytes of space and could be slowing down your PC. By removing these large files and other useless bits of data, you can free up hundreds of gigabytes of space on your hard drive.

If you do not feel like performing all these steps by yourself, then you can always purchase a program that will do it for you. PC Cleaner Pro 2012 is an industry leader in terms of removing junk files from your PC, and even novice users have no problem freeing up several gigabytes of space. It also includes a disk defragmenter, registry cleaner, and startup program optimizer, all of which can run as you sleep.

Now that you know why it’s important to speed up your PC every month, with a deep clean every six months or so, you can start using your computer to its maximum potential.

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