So you have a slow PC. That’s okay.

Clearly, you’ve decided you don’t want to pay any money to upgrade your PC. And that’s okay too.

Today, I’m going to show you how to live – and yes, even thrive – on your old, slow PC without damaging your life.

All of the tips listed below are free and easy ways to speed up your PC:

Step 1) Delete files you no longer need or use

One of the major reasons why PCs slow down is because their hard drives are overloaded with files.

In many cases, these files are duplicates of files you already have in another location. In other cases, they’re unnecessary files from old software you downloaded or videos you never watch anymore.

A woman's finger hovering over the delete key

Take a look through your hard drive and delete files you no longer use. Here are a few good places to start:

-Open your My Documents folder and look through your Downloads, My Pictures, and My Music folders.

-Clear old files from your desktop

-Open My Computer > Program Files and delete any folders from old software you no longer use (only do this after you’ve completed step 2).

Step 2) Uninstall old software

You probably have lots of old software you don’t really need. Uninstall that software to free your mind and improve your computer’s performance.

Uninstalling software is easy on Windows. To do that, go to Start > Control Panel > Uninstall a program


From there, you can view all of the installed programs on your computer. They range from video games to Microsoft services to free apps and tools you’ve downloaded.

Take a look through this list and uninstall anything you no longer recognize, use, or need. There should be at least a few things on the list you don’t need any more.

If you’re ever unsure about which software to uninstall (like if you don’t recognize a certain program), just Google it. It may be an important part of your system, or it may be a totally unnecessary item. Worse, it may be a virus or malware program.

You can view the size of each program on the right hand side of this menu. If you’re trying to free up as much space as possible, then you can click on the ‘Size’ tab to sort through software based on the size of its installation files.

Step 3) Avoid opening multiple internet browser tabs at once

If you don’t use your PC for high-end gaming or multimedia editing, then your web browser is likely the most intensive program you own.


Your web browser uses a lot of memory and processing power. Each additional tab increases the load on your computer.

That’s why, on slow computers, you won’t be able to smoothly run 10 YouTube videos at once: your computer is going to run out of resources.

If you’ve noticed slow performance on your PC – especially when browsing the internet – then you need to avoid opening up multiple tabs at the same time.

Multiple tabs and browser windows slow system performance. Open a tab, do what you’ve got to do, then close that tab before moving onto the next one. this is particularly important if you’re working with video players or complex web pages.

Step 4) Switch to a more efficient operating system like a Linux distro (advanced)

This tip is only for advanced computer users. If your computer is exceptionally slow when running Windows, then you may have better luck running a more optimized OS like a Linux distro.

windows 8 windows 7

Two of the most popular Linux distros are Ubuntu and Fedora. However, there are also a group of Linux distros made specifically for older computers, including Puppy Linux, Lubuntu, and Damn Small Linux, all of which will make your system run more smoothly.

Linux distros are free, so you don’t have to pay a dime for this tip.

Step 5) Run PC Cleaner Pro

If you’re only going to perform one of the steps on this page, perform this one. Running PC Cleaner Pro is an exceptionally effective way to optimize system performance. With just a few clicks, the software identifies unnecessary files on your hard drive and, at your behest, can remove those files with a single click.

pc cleaner pro

PC Cleaner Pro scans the registry for malware and can eliminate problem files at their source: which means they’ll never return.

For all of these reasons, PC Cleaner Pro is one of the easiest and most effective ways to solve your old PC problems.

Sick and tired of living with an old computer? Follow the tips listed above to quickly speed up your PC for free!

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