The title of this article might seem like a paradox. How could you possibly access the internet when offline? Well, instead of just taking pictures of your favorite websites or copying and pasting all of the text on-page into a Word Document, a new program called PageNest allows you to quickly and easily save your favorite webpages and access them offline.

How to use PageNest to save webpages

First off, we want to reassure you that PageNest is a free program. At the Speed Up My PC free blog, we’re focused on helping users find the best free solutions to their computer performance problems, so rest assured that this program doesn’t cost a dime to use.

Download PageNest from here and install it.

The only way PageNest tries to make you pay is by installing toolbars onto your web browser. But you can uncheck all of these toolbars as you install PageNest by simply unchecking these boxes:

When you install PageNest and run it for the first time, it will ask about your internet connection (you should probably choose the high speed option and not the dial up one). Then, click on the ‘New’ option along the top menu bar to configure a new site download. From here, you can customize the way you want to download a new website. You can choose to download a single page of a website or the entire site including all graphics.

You can also tell PageNest to visit other servers to retrieve images. But its most useful feature is its ability to save outgoing links to other websites. So if you’re reading an offline article and see a tempting link, you can click on it and actually visit that website. And PageNest can even do this for several different servers.

You can also customize which files you want to download, as well as the size restrictions on those files. Once you’ve completed customizing your PageNest options, click Ok and the site will begin downloading. Depending on the options you chose above – and the size limit of the files you want to download – this can take quite a long time to complete. You can pause the download process along the way and resume it whenever you want.

Once you’ve done that, you can place that site into some of the default folders along the left sidebar, including Finance, Humor, Kids, Software, and others. You can save multiple websites using this tool. And access them when you’re not connected to the internet at all.

The obvious restrictions

You’re not going to be able to use PageNest and then browse the latest score updates on without actually connecting to the internet. The pages you saved will appear as they did when you first downloaded them. So you can’t “download Facebook” and then access that on your next flight (unless you’re on one of an increasing number of flights that offers internet service).

But if you want to read through a few Wikipedia articles on your laptop or take a look at some long forum threads, programs like PageNest can be very useful. Or, you can save the entire Speed Up My PC website and read through our helpful tutorials on a long road trip.

Download PageNest for free by clicking here

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