If you’ve ever read a Windows 8 review, then you’ve undoubtedly noticed that one of the biggest complaints is: “Umm…where’s the Start Menu?”

That’s right: Microsoft scrapped one of the most popular Window features ever made. Nobody is quite sure why they made that decision, but if you ask a Microsoft exec, you’d get an answer that contains lots of words like: “touch screens”, “usability”, and “streamlined.”

In any case, most users want their Start Menu back. If you’re willing to spend a few minutes finding an old friend again, then read this simple guide to find out how to get your Start menu back in Windows 8.

Step 1) Download Power8 for free from here

Step 2) After installing the program, you’ll see your pretty brand new Start Menu

Step 3) Open the Start Menu and right click anywhere to edit Start Menu settings (you can also open a more traditional Start Menu by clicking the Start Menu button at the top of this page

Step 4) Power8 customization options include:


Step 5) Change any of those settings that you wish to edit. To change the appearance of the Start button, check the Configure Start button box. You can choose a special image for that Start button if you so desire.

With a little bit of customization, you can get your Windows 8 Start Menu to look like this:


To help you get to that point, be sure to disable Metro options by installing Power8’s Block Metro tool (found in the general settings menu on Power8).

Not too bad, eh? But really, you shouldn’t have had to do all that work in the first place just to get a simple feature back in Windows 8. In any case, your Start Menu is back and Windows 8 just became significantly easier for you to use.

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