Have you ever been listening to a song on iTunes and wondered what on earth that person was trying to say?

If so, then you probably looked up lyrics online.

Today, I’m going to show you an easier way to view song lyrics: by automatically adding them to iTunes so you can view them anytime on your iPod, iPhone, or other electronic devices.

A developer recently posted an iTunes lyric-searching application on CodePlex. While the tool is relatively easy to use, it’s not quite self-explanatory. Today, I’m going to show you how to use iTunes Lyrics 1.3 and add lyrics to all the songs in your library:

Step 1) Download and install .NET 3.5 Framework if you don’t already have it. iTunes Lyrics 1.3 will not work without that framework.

Step 2) Download iTunes Lyrics 1.3 from here (it’s free, stable, and secure)

Step 3) Open iTunes

Step 4) Open iTunes Lyrics 1.3

itunes lyrics 2

Step 5) Find a track for which you want lyrics and highlight that track.

Step 6) In iTunes Lyrics 1.3, choose your lyrics resource (you only have two options, LyricsWiki or Leo’s Lyrics). Both options are good, although LyricsWiki tends to be more comprehensive.

Step 7) Check the box beside automatic updates if you want lyrics to automatically overwrite existing lyric data. If you don’t check this box, you’ll have to manually approve each and every lyric added to iTunes.

Step 8) Click Update lyrics. At this point, a pop-up box will appear containing the lyrics for your chosen song. Or if, you chose automatic updating, the lyrics for that song will be automatically added to iTunes.

itunes lyrics 4

Step 9) You can add lyrics to individual songs one at a time, or highlight your entire iTunes library by pressing Ctrl+A. You can also pick individual songs by holding Ctrl and clicking each additional track.

With just a few clicks, you can add thousands of lyrics to your iTunes library and never have to worry about figuring out the correct lyrics again.

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