How to Change the Color of Your Windows 8 Sign-In Screen

How to Change the Color of Your Windows 8 Sign-In Screen

Once again, it’s time to write another Windows 8 tutorial about a task that should be simple. If you weren’t using Windows 8, changing the color of your sign-in screen would be a relatively simple process that could be accomplished without downloading any additional programs.

But since you’re using Windows 8, it’s not that easy to accomplish simple tasks. And that’s why we’re here to help. Here’s a step by step guide on how to change the color of your sign in screen on Windows 8:

Step 1) Download a free program called Sign In Screen Color Changer created by WinAero (you can choose to donate if you like the program)

Step 2) Open the application and you’ll see an idiot-proof interface that looks like this:

Step 3) I think most of you could figure out what to do at this point, but just to be sure, you choose the color you like and check the ‘Also apply this color set to current user’ if you want to change the account you’re currently using.

Step 4) Next, click Apply and you’re done. To see the changes you’ve made, just login to your account and then log back out. That’s it!



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