One of the most common indicators of a slow, messy PC is a cluttered hard drive. If you rarely delete old files or programs, then you may be using up hundreds of gigabytes of unnecessary space on your computer. This has a number of adverse effects on your PC. Most importantly, your hard drive now has to search through unnecessary files in order to get to the ones that you actually use. This can increase your loading times for all sorts of applications, and make it difficult to stream media files, like movies and music from your hard drive. If this is the case, then speeding up your PC may be very easy to do.

Cluttered hard drives are especially common on larger discs, in which the user has more gigabytes of space than they know what to do with. In these cases, the user can keep downloading movies and music without immediately seeing any harmful effects.

Today, the average video game takes anywhere between 2 gigabytes to 15 gigabytes of space to install. If you’re a gamer with many such games on your computer, your hard drive may be so full that it is impeding your computer’s performance in these games.

Over the years, all of these files can collect to form a cluttered hard drive. Even if you defragment your computer regularly, this can be harmful to your PC. Fortunately, there are a number of easy ways to reduce the clutter on your hard drive in order to speed up your PC.

One of the easiest solutions is to buy a large, portable hard drive. The price of disc space is reduced every day. While a 1 terabyte (1000 gigabyte) hard drive may have cost $300 a couple of years ago, today, they can be found for under $100. Buying a portable hard drive will allow you to conveniently store any media files that are clogging up your computer, reducing the drain on your main hard drive.

To speed up your performance during video games, consider buying a small, high-speed hard drive. If you can find one that is above 7,200 rpm, you could significantly increase your performance during game-play. Put simply, a faster hard drive can access your game files faster, reducing your load times and other minor game-play hiccups.

By cleaning up the clutter on your hard drive, almost every part of your PC will be significantly sped up. Move whatever files you can to a large, portable hard drive, or a high speed drive, while leaving the main drive for more standard applications. Cleaning up your hard drive will also generate other benefits, like making your PC easier to troubleshoot when something goes wrong.

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