While a lot of attention is given to programs which clean up the viruses and clutter on your computer’s operation system, it is also important to look at cleaning the inside of your PC case. Over the years, a massive amount of dust can collect in the case, which can significantly reduce the speed of your computer.

Dust is most commonly seen around the main entry fans to your computer case. For example, fans at the front of a case are your computer’s first line of defense against dust. Designed to bring cool air into the case, they will often become clogged with dust after several years of use. Similarly, fans on the sides of your case, which may be designed to aim cool air at hotter components like your processor or video card, can also fill with dust.

Having dust trapped inside these areas of your PC will significantly reduce its ability to cool itself. Overheating can cause all sorts of problems. Often, it will cause your computer to slow down, and in more drastic cases, for it to shut down completely. However, it can also permanently damage some of your parts, like a video card or processor. While having dust in your case may seem like a simple problem, it clearly has a number of serious consequences.

The best way to clean up the inside of your computer case is to buy a canister of compressed air. Using these canisters, you can quickly and easily target the dusty areas of your PC. Before doing this, it’s best to take your PC to a dry, outdoor location, as there will be a significant amount of dust flying around.

The next step is to simply pull the trigger on the compressed air canister, which releases a concentrated stream of air towards your PC, blowing the dust out of fans, coolers, wires, and more. Be sure to hold the can upright, as holding a compressed air canister upside down can cause it to fill with moisture, which can harm your computer.

If you want your PC to be cleaned in the most effective way, then you may have to use a soft tissue to clean certain areas. For example, if your video card has a fan on the bottom, then it may be hard to reach with a canister of compressed air. Run a soft tissue over the intake areas to clean it out.

Regardless of how thorough your cleaning job is, you will want to target several specific areas of your PC. On the interior of your case, the heat sinks over your processor and video card are particularly important. On the exterior, be sure to clean out every fan that is either bringing in or sending out air.

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