I watch YouTube videos. You watch YouTube videos. But one thing most people don’t do is download videos from YouTube.

YouTube makes downloading its videos intentionally difficult for obvious reasons. But “difficult” doesn’t mean “impossible” and today I’m going to show you how to easily download YouTube videos onto your PC.

There are actually a number of different ways to download videos from YouTube. Some of these ways are free and easy, while others are expensive and difficult. We prefer the first approach, so here it is:

Step 1) Find a YouTube video you want to download

Step 2) Copy the YouTube URL from your browser’s address bar

Step 3) Go to http://keepvid.com/

Step 4) Paste that YouTube URL into the entry field on KeepVid

Step 5) Download your video in whatever file format you like (I recommend .mp4 720p for the best quality)

download from youtube

That’s it! Your video will begin downloading to your downloads folder.

That KeepVid website actually works for a few different video streaming sites, including Vimeo. The only ‘catch’ is that the site is loaded with advertisements. Use an ad blocker extension or just don’t click on the flashing read download pictures.

If KeepVid ever gets taken down, there are hundreds of other competitors ready to take its place. A simple Google Search should be enough.

Is it legal to download videos from YouTube?

Nope. Check out the YouTube Terms of service and you’ll find that users are only allowed to access YouTube content through the YouTube website. It’s illegal to download content from YouTube onto your PC. It’s not a gray area – it’s just illegal.

But on the other hand, cops probably aren’t going to come smash in your door because you downloaded Charlie Bit My Finger onto your laptop.

To be clear, we don’t advocate illegal activity. We do, however, advocate using your PC to its full potential. And if that means downloading your favorite YouTube videos so you can watch them offline, then we can’t stop you.

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