Millions of people use Google images every day. However, very few of those users ever bother to look at the advanced settings for Google Images.

Let’s be honest: most people think those settings are pointless. But if you’ve looked at Google Image settings lately, then you might find that they have changed since the last time you checked them out.

Today, Google Images settings menu is a wealth of tools that can easily pinpoint the exact image you’re searching for. Instead of being stuck searching through pages of unwanted results, you can customize your results before you even start searching.

This can be useful for searches you’re performing only once, but it’s particularly useful for searches you’re performing multiple times, or searches where you’re looking for multiple images.

Let’s say you’re looking for good HD wallpapers online. If you search for ‘HD [anything] wallpaper’ online you’re going to get a lot of results that are not at a resolution of 1920x1080p.

That’s why I recommend editing Google Images search settings.

-First, go to the Advanced Image Search tool here

It looks something like this:

google image search settings

You can use the ‘free to use or share’ button to stay legal online, but really, it’s going to take out a good chunk of your search results. Do what you want.

Other important settings include image size and SafeSearch. The other results are for specialized searches where you know the exact image type, aspect ratio, or coloring you’re looking for.

Once you’ve completed your settings and clicked on the Advanced Search button, you can bookmark your URL to return to that search engine at any point in the future.

Basically, you’ve just created your own custom image search engine. Sure, Google helped a little, but you should still be proud of yourself. If you’re serious about filtering image searches, create a bookmarks folder full of custom image search engines.

How to find similar images to one you’ve already found

If you’re got one image and want to find more like it, then you may have some look by dragging and dropping that image into your Google Search form.

That will tell you the source of the image you already have along with images that feature similar colors and characteristics. You can drag and drop a picture file from your computer or drag it from a location online.

Google Images is an advanced search tool that appears simple only because Google wants you to think it’s simple. If you spend time looking at all the settings available under the hood, you may be surprised at how much more effective your searching efforts will be.

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