Computer slowdowns are a problem that plagues computer users around the world. If you want to fix your slowdown problems, then we’re here to help. Here are the surprisingly easy ways to fix the world’s three most common computer slowdown problems:

Problem 1: My computer’s internet is slow and downloads take too long

You probably use your internet browser more than any other program on your PC. For that reason, internet speed problems tend to be the first issue people notice on their PCs. That’s why we want to help. Here are some easy troubleshooting tips you can use to speed up your internet in thirty seconds or less:

-First, run an internet speed test by visiting This will give us a baseline from which to work when it comes to improving your internet speeds. Take note of the upload/download/latency speeds you receive.


-Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to enter the Windows Task Manager. Click the Processes tab. Remove any processes you don’t recognize. Viruses often run in the background of your PC and silently steal bandwidth. This can cripple your internet connection.

Next, perform an antivirus scan to make sure malware and viruses aren’t stealing your internet speeds (and passwords)

Run a scan with CCleaner to remove temporary internet files and junk files from your PC

Perform a final scan with PC Cleaner Pro to clear out more junk and optimize your registry and PC speed

Run the speed test again and see if you’ve been able to increase your internet speeds. Look at the internet speeds you’re paying for from your ISP. If the speeds aren’t equal, then you should call your ISP and ask them why your internet is not as fast as the internet you’re paying for. They’ll either boost your connection or have someone solve your internet problems.

Problem 2: My PC games are slow and laggy


PC gaming is more popular today than it has ever been before. Today, PCs are capable of doing things that consoles can only dream of. Unfortunately, PC games also tend to require more troubleshooting than console games. PC games can be slow and laggy even on powerful PCs, which is why I recommend performing some of the following optimization tasks:

Use to find awesome optimization guides for games you currently own. Tweak Guides explains which graphics settings can be increased/decreased while still maintaining optimum performance. The entire website shows visitors how to tweak their games in order to maximize framerates while minimizing performance issues. Whether you’re looking to optimize a specific game or interested in tweaking your PC gaming computer as a whole, I highly recommend using

Run PC Cleaner Pro, which optimizes your registry files and other parts of your PC. PC games constantly access the registry while running, and optimizing the registry can result in a significant performance boost.

Stop other programs when playing PC games. The most common cause of PC slowdowns is too many programs running at the same time.

Upgrade your PC by adding more RAM or a better graphics card

Lower your resolution or graphics settings in-game. If you notice smoother framerates when performing at lower graphics settings, then your PC isn’t powerful enough to handle top-of-the-line graphics.

Upgrade your video card drivers by visiting or Both graphics companies release driver updates on a regular basis, and these driver updates tend to increase performance in recently-released games.

Problem 3: My computer is slow all the time


If your computer is slow from the moment it starts up to the moment you shut it down, then there may be a number of things you can do to avoid simply throwing your PC out the nearest window.

Here are some tips that will help improve general PC performance:

Uninstall old programs that you no longer need

Buy more RAM (it’s easier to install than you think!)

Perform a virus scan

-Use msconfig to control which programs start up when your computer boots (this can significantly reduce startup times)

Run PC Cleaner Pro to identify hundreds of serious computer problems

Generally speaking, if your computer is less than four years old, then you should be able to improve its performance to run smoothly when running basic daily tasks. But if it’s older than five years, then you may consider upgrading its parts or buying a totally new PC. Today, PCs are cheaper than they have ever been in the past and you can get a great desktop PC for just a few hundred bucks.

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