How to Enable Offline Access to Google Docs and Google Drive

How to Enable Offline Access to Google Docs and Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the world’s most popular project management solutions. Based on ‘the cloud’, Google Drive and its partner-in-crime, Google Docs, are becoming valid alternatives to traditional software programs like Microsoft Word.

But there’s one problem I have with Google Docs and Google Drive: when you take an internet connection away from Google, things can get messy. Google Drive – up until now – did not feature offline support. Although some updates would try to integrate offline support, they never seemed to work that well and users would frequently encounter problems.

Well, it looks like offline Google Docs access is here to stay. The latest Chrome update added offline support for Google Drive. Here’s how to access it:

Accessing offline support for Google Drive:


-Login to your Google Drive account

-On the left hand side of the screen, click the More button

-Click Offline

-At this point, users without a special Chrome plugin will be asked to install it. That Chrome plugin enables offline access, after which you’ll be able to edit recent documents and automatically sync those changes with the Google Docs servers once your crappy internet connection fixes itself.

This is a major step forward for Google Docs, and it’s one major advantage that Microsoft Office long-held over its latest competitor. Now, with Google developing features for Google Docs at an alarmingly (alarmingly for Microsoft, at least) rapid pace, it may only be a matter of time before the majority of users are typing up documents use free, cloud-based software like Google Docs.



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