When looking for ways to fix your PC, it’s easy to be attracted to all the benefits of expensive software programs. Many of them offer comprehensive packages which are designed to optimize your computer’s performance. This can come in the form of anti-virus software, defragmentation tools, and more.

However, before jumping in and buying an expensive program, you should consider some of the free options available to you. Freeware on the internet is incredibly popular, and it can often do the same job as any paid program. In fact, there are entire websites and communities built around finding good, free software on the internet.

A simple Google search will turn up many free programs and communities. As always, read reviews and testimonials before you download, as some programs may be completely useless to your PC. However, when you actually find a good, free program that does the job you expect of it, it can be a very satisfying experience.

Usually, these free PC software programs will not offer anywhere near the comprehensive solution that a more expensive package offers. Instead, they’re designed for more specialized tasks. But if you know exactly what your computer needs in order to be fixed, this can be the best free solution.

Of course, there are downsides to downloading free PC fixing programs. Updates are less frequent, and the software can also cause more harm than good, as described below.

Be wary of all free programs

There are very few people in the world who will give something away for free. In almost all cases, they expect something in return. Free programs on the internet are no different. Often, fixing your computer for free will come at the cost of spyware or malware, which completely defeats the purpose.

Similarly, free anti-virus scanners may detect problems which don’t actually exist, and then force you to upgrade the program in order to properly repair your system. Usually, this upgrade costs quite a bit of money.

In other cases, free programs simply require you to install a harmless toolbar from a respectable company. So, in exchange for having a clean computer, the designer wants you to click on the toolbar every once in a while. Since the creator of the program gets paid by the advertising company for this, everybody wins. And, the best part about these ‘add-on’ programs is that you can often uninstall and delete them immediately after you install the free software itself.

So, while the program may seem free at first, the person who is distributing it may find some way to make money from it, whether legitimately or not.

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