If you’re a Verizon customer, then you may have noticed slow internet speeds over the last few weeks. Why is Verizon internet suddenly slowing down? And what can you do to fix it?

Well, Verizon recently implemented a policy that throttles the internet speed of pirates who torrent files online. Verizon is one of a number of ISPs that has agreed to a new policy by the Center for Copyright Information, which is managed by the RIAA, MPAA, and a number of major media companies.

Understanding the new download restrictions

Verizon’s throttled internet speeds use a six-strike system. Users are given six warnings about their downloading activities before their download speeds are significantly throttled:

Strikes 1 and 2: Emails to the owner of the ISP account

Strikes 3 and 4: On-screen pop-up notifications that lock users out of their internet connection until they interact with the pop-up

Strikes 5 and 6: If you reach strikes five and six, expect to see your internet speeds sharply throttled for a period of two to three days. Download speeds on torrents will slow down to a trickle and your internet speed will feel like a dial-up connection.

Beyond strike 6: Once your six strikes are up, the MPAA or RIAA could threaten you with a lawsuit. But it’s more likely that ISPs will simply disconnect your service.

A six strike system seems generous enough. It gives plenty of warning to those who have been caught downloading. But many people are already criticizing the new requirements. And with other ISPs following suit, it’s not just Verizon customers who are complaining.

Fixing slow speeds and avoiding ISP penalties

If you want to prevent your ISP from controlling your download activity, then there are a number of easy ways to do so. The methods listed below will prevent ISPs from tracking your download activity – which means they won’t be able to penalize you for whatever you’re downloading:

Setup a VPN

VPNs route all your internet traffic through online servers, which hides your IP address from the public as well as your ISP. VPNs generally cost a few dollars per month. Although free VPNs can be found, they’re so slow that they’re rarely worth it.

VPNs operate like legitimate businesses, and there’s nothing shady about them. Here are three popular VPN services available today for masking BitTorrent downloads.




All of those services cost less than $20 per month, which isn’t a bad price to pay for total internet security.


Seedboxes are like VPNs on crack. Seedboxes are specifically designed to facilitate BitTorrent downloads. They allow users to anonymously transfer information over BitTorrent using seedbox servers. Once the torrent is complete, the file is transferred to the client’s computer through an http connection, which is faster and more secure than BitTorrent.

Seedboxes are subscription services. Some seedbox subscriptions offer download speeds of hundreds of megabits per second, which is why they’re popular among those who distribute torrent files online.


If you’d rather not pay to hide your BitTorrent activities, then try out a service like Anomos. Anomos is a free platform that hides the IP address of BitTorrent users. Although speeds are not as fast as paid services, Anomos is a very good free solution to your BitTorrent tracking problems.

Currently, Anomos only supports ‘atorrent’ files, although an Anomos plugin should be added to uTorrent in the near future.

Hiding from ISPs isn’t as difficult as you might think. If you’re getting sick and tired of Verizon’s BitTorrent download warning pop-ups, then the services listed above can help you keep your fast internet connection – and they might even help you avoid being the victim of a lawsuit.



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