The biggest virus news story of the week has been the DNSChanger fiasco. Yesterday (Monday, July 9), the FBI shut down the internet for hundreds of thousands of computers still infected by the DNSChanger virus.

What is the DNSChanger virus?

The DNSChanger virus infected millions of computers around the world over the last few years. The virus was operated by a group of Lithuanian hackers. After infecting users’ computers, it took over their internet and redirected them to malicious websites and displayed annoying pop-up advertisements. The virus was in operation for several months before the FBI sent a team of agents to Lithuania to track the hackers down.

The FBI located the team of hackers in Lithuania and shut down their operation. However, there was one serious problem with the takedown – the DNSChanger virus had changed the DNS information on millions of computers, which means that users infected with the DNSChanger virus could only connect to the internet through servers which had been set up by the hackers.

Ultimately, that meant that that users infected with the virus would no longer be able to access the internet after the FBI shut down the rogue DNS servers. As a result, the FBI created replacement DNS servers that allowed infected users to reconnect to the internet. Those servers were in operation for several months.

However, on Monday, those servers were shut down, leaving anybody with an infected computer unable to access the internet. It’s estimated that the number could include hundreds of thousands of users around the world. In other words, infected users would finally have to fix the virus if they ever wanted to reconnect to the internet again.

How to remove the DNSChanger virus from your system

To remove the DNSChanger virus and other problems, keep your antivirus software updated with the latest patch. The FBI is expected to release a fix for the virus sometime in the near future. If your computer hasn’t been able to access the internet since July 9 (we’re assuming that you’re reading this post from another computer), then it’s very likely you are infected with the DNSChanger virus.

Until the FBI releases a patch, be sure to download anti-malware programs like PC Cleaner Pro. PC Cleaner Pro will not only remove thousands of viruses and error problems from your computer, but it will also speed up your computer in hundreds of different ways, making it one of the most versatile programs on the market today.

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Is your computer connecting to the internet through a rogue DNS?

If you’re unsure whether or not your computer has been using a rogue DNS to access the internet, then the FBI has created a tool that can help. The FBI has set up a helpful website that allows users to check if their computer is accessing the internet through a rogue DNS. That website has been set up at

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