How to get DirectX11.1 on Windows 7

How to get DirectX11.1 on Windows 7

A few weeks ago, Microsoft revealed that DirectX11.1 would be exclusive to Windows 8. Windows 7 users wouldn’t be able to access any of the shiny new features of the latest version of the runtime environment.

But it looks like planes have changed. Just like DirectX11 was initially only available on Windows 7 before being made available to previous versions, it looks like DirectX11.1 will follow a similar path.

Microsoft developer Chuck Walbourn recently released a blog post which stated that some portions of DirectX11.1 would be made available on Windows 7 Service Pack 1.

So which features will Windows 7 users get?

-Direct3d 11.1



-DXGI 1.1

-Revised version of Windows Imaging Component

If all of that means nothing to you, then don’t worry. It basically means that Windows 7 users will be able to access superior graphics performance without being forced to upgrade to Windows 8. But if you want to access the full suite of DirectX 11.1 features, then you’ll need to make the move to Windows 8 (just don’t expect those features to add a significant boost to whatever game you’re playing).

Pre-release download details and information about DirectX 11 can be found here.



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