The tech world has been abuzz about Windows 8 lately. But many users still haven’t made the upgrade. Even though the upgrade costs only $40 for existing Windows users, that seems like a steep price to pay for a user experience that seems only marginally better.

But what if you could get Windows 8 for free without downloading it from shady torrent websites? A new loophole on Microsoft’s website allows anybody to download and permanently activate a copy of Windows 8 – and we’re not joking.

Here’s how to get your copy of Windows 8 for free. Keep in mind that this deal will probably only exist for a limited time, so act fast:

Step 1) Download the 2.4GB Windows 8 install file, which provides a 90-day free evaluation of Windows 8 (don’t worry – this free trial is fully endorsed by Microsoft).

Step 2) Add Windows Media Center to your copy of Windows 8. Microsoft is offering Windows Media Center upgrades for free for a limited time to Windows 8 users. This offer is available until January 31.

Step 3) Activate Windows Media Center by running it. After running Windows Media Center for the first time, Microsoft’s key management system will somehow mess up and allow you to fully activate your copy of Windows 8 without ever checking to see if it’s valid. To get a Windows Media Center key for free from Microsoft, simply enter your email address into the form here under the Add Windows Media Center to Windows 8 Pro heading.

Step 4) After activating Windows Media Center, your copy of Windows should now say “Windows is activated” instead of saving “Windows is activated until [90 days from whenever you activated the trial]”. Awesome!

This story first broke on Reddit, so full credit goes to user noveleven for the tip



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