Don’t feel like waiting around for 4 hours to charge your smartphone to 100%? Today, we’re going to show you how to go from 0 to 100 real quick.

How do you get the maximum amount of power into your smartphone in a short period of time? Here are a few tips that will help you charge your smartphone more quickly.

Use Fast Charge (If You’ve Got It)

New smartphones – like the LG G4 and the Galaxy S6 – have Fast Charge or Quick Charge 2.0 technology. This technology is amazing at charging your phone more quickly. Just a few minutes on the charger can boost battery by about 20%. It takes about an hour to get to 100%.

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However, just because your phone has fast charging technology doesn’t mean you’re using it. The LG G4, for example, features Fast Charge but it doesn’t come with a Fast Charge-supported charger in the box – which means you have to buy an accessory to access that feature.

The Galaxy S6, on the other hand, does come with a Quick Charge-supported charger. Make sure you take advantage of this capability.

Use the Best Outlet

Android chargers may look universal to you. You plug the same chargers into your Android tablet, smartphones, and even your computer.

But the truth is that different power outlets have different charging capabilities.

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Charging your phone through your laptop’s USB port, for example, is one of the worst ways to charge it because those ports just don’t put out enough power.

Your best option is to charge your phone using the official manufacturer’s charger on an electrical outlet in your home. Don’t charge it through other electronics.

Turn On Airplane Mode or Turn It Off

When you’re charging your phone, it has to use battery life to stay active. It’s constantly scanning for messages and notifications, for example.

When you turn on airplane mode – or better yet, turn your phone off – you’re telling your phone to get some rest while you fully charge it. This means it can load more quickly without worrying about handling your daily tasks.

Deactivate Unnecessary Services

Maybe you don’t want to turn on airplane mode or turn off your phone. Maybe you’re waiting for that important “Here” text when your squad rolls up to pick you up.

If that’s the case, then your best option is to deactivate unnecessary services. Turn off NFC, for example, as well as GPS, Bluetooth, push notifications, and Wi-Fi. The more signals you turn off, the less work your phone has to do.

Use Reliable USB Cables (Preferably your Manufacturer’s Cable)

When you start using non-approved third-party cables on your devices, you can start getting into trouble.

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In most cases, these cables are safe-to-use. In some cases, however, low-quality cables can pose a fire risk. They may also damage your device – either physically through damage to the charging port or through eat damage caused by improper charging.

At the very least, these cables are typically less reliable than the cables that came with your device. If you want the fastest, most reliable charging, then you should use the charger that was built specifically for your device.

By following the tips listed above, you can ensure you never run low on battery before a big night out.

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