If you’re an avid gamer, then you want to squeeze every ounce of performance out of your computer. Doing this has a number of benefits. By maxing out the video settings, for example, you can make your PC games look great and keep the gaming experience as enjoyable as possible. Here are some of the easiest and most effective ways to improve your PC’s performance while gaming

Frequently run maintenance programs

If you use your PC for intense tasks like gaming, then it will inevitably become clogged with useless data as it gets older. Sometimes, this useless data will contain things like viruses and rootkits, each of which will significantly impede the performance of your PC and detract from the gaming experience.

One of the best ways to prevent this from happening is to regular scan your computer with an anti-virus program or registry cleaner, which will remove a lot of this junk from your system. While some programs may be nothing more than a simple registry cleaner, other programs – like PC Cleaner All-In-One, provide a more comprehensive solution, and perform all of these tasks for a fraction of what they would cost individually.

So, instead of scanning your computer with three separate programs, you can press one button and then let it do its job. It’s that easy!

Optimize your internet

Optimizing your internet is especially important for multiplayer gamers. The best way to get an advantage over the players you’re competing against is to reduce the amount of lag, which is the time it takes for the gaming server to receive and execute your command. While some lag is caused by your Internet Service Provider, other lag is created by your computer itself. By running a simple internet optimizing tool, you can easily reduce your lag and watch your kill/death ratio skyrocket.

Reduce clutter on your hard drive

The more time you spend on the computer, the more clutter gets collected. This clutter can fragment your gaming files around your hard drive, increasing the time it takes to boot up a program and wasting valuable seconds of gaming. To fight this clutter, delete some of the unnecessary files on your hard drive and then run a disk defragmenter.

Dust out your PC

If you’ve followed through with all of the above steps, then you might want to check on the actual physical environment of your PC. If you haven’t dusted it out in a while (or if you’ve never dusted it out before), then you can see noticeable performance benefits by doing so. Fortunately, dusting out your PC is simple, and can be done by somebody with little to no technical experience. Simply take your computer outside, remove the case, and spray a blast of compressed air inside. You can also wipe up dust with an anti-static wipe.



The benefits of a fast PC

We all know how frustrating it can be to work on a slow computer. Fortunately, by running an easy and effective maintenance program like PC Cleaner All-In-One, you can turn your slow, old computer into a blazing fast PC. If you’re still not convinced of the benefits of a fast computer, here are just a few of the ways it will improve your life.

Faster Microsoft Office applications

Some of the most popular PC programs are the Microsoft Office suite of applications. Whether you use Word to transcribe lectures in class or you use Excel to compile spreadsheets for your boss, having a faster PC will allow you to complete those tasks in a fraction of the time it would normally take. Not only will they open faster, but you will experience fewer bugs and be able to complete your work as quickly as possible.

Faster internet

A good PC optimization tool will noticeably improve the speed of your internet. One of the most frustrating things to do is to work on a computer with a slow connection speed. Sometimes, this can be caused by bandwidth-hogging viruses; other times, it is caused by excess clutter on the hard drive. By running a good PC maintenance tool, you can eliminate these problems and get back to enjoying the internet as quickly as possible.

Of course, if you think your internet is already fast, consider how much time you could save if each page loaded a second faster. Depending on how much time you spend on the internet, this can add up to several minutes over the course of a day, and as much as one hour per week.

Faster boot times

The average PC takes 30-40 seconds to completely boot up. By scanning your computer with a boot-time optimizing tool, you can shave 10 or 15 seconds off of that time, meaning that you can get back to work as soon as possible. Often, improving the boot time is a very easy thing to do, and it’s one of the most noticeable areas of improvement after using a good PC cleaner tool.

Smoother experience

There are very few computers that are completely immune to bugs and glitches. However, one of the easiest ways to reduce the number of glitches on your computer is to run a PC optimization tool. This will help target the problem areas of your PC, removing errors and significantly improving the performance of your PC. The fewer bugs you have, the more work you can get done.

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