On this blog, we try to focus on ways to speed up the software and hardware of your PC. But no matter how fast your computer is, it all depends on how fast you, the user, can input commands. If you still peck away at the keyboard like a bird when you type, then there has never been a better time than now to learn how to type faster.

Use home row

This is the first tip that any typing lesson will teach you. When you have your fingers on home row, you’re never far from any key on your keyboard. The index finger of your left hand should be on the ‘F’ key, and the index finger of your right hand should be on the ‘J’ key. Let your thumb rest on the space bar.

In fact, most keyboards have little indentations on the F and J key to help you find home row without even looking down from your screen. After using home row for a while, your fingers will start to automatically find it every time you need to type something.

Don’t look down

Instead of constantly checking to see which key you’re going to press next, trust your instinct and work your memory by refusing to look down at your keyboard. This will be very difficult at first, but learning a new skill is never easy. For this step, it might help to cover your hands with a piece of paper or a book, or to hide your keyboard in your lap under your desk while typing.

Work on accuracy first, then speed

Once you’ve grown more comfortable with placing your fingers on home row and refusing to look at the keyboard, try to develop your accuracy. Focus on which key each finger will press next and memorize the layout of the keyboard. Instead of focusing on speed while typing, focus on your accuracy. After that, speed will come naturally.

Play typing games

There are literally thousands of typing games on the internet. Let’s face it: learning to type isn’t the most exciting thing to do in your spare time. But with typing games, you can make even the most mundane activity far more exciting than it should be. You can compete with friends and strangers on a game like Type Racer, for example, or, if you feel like spending money, you can buy typing programs from electronic retailers like Best Buy.

Know what works for you

Some people have short, fat fingers while other people have long and slender fingers. Depending on what kind of fingers you have, your hand position on the keyboard may vary. Don’t be afraid to find a position you’re comfortable with. While home row is a good place to start, some people may benefit by moving their fingers slightly to the left, or letting their right hand press the majority of the keys.

Ultimately, if you’re able to maintain speed and accuracy with the typing style you choose, then it doesn’t matter what works for other people. Focus on what works for you.

The bottom line

The faster you type, the faster you will get things done on the computer. Whether you do work, school, or gaming on your PC, typing is important in just about every virtual activity. And, until voice-activated computers become the norm, typing isn’t going away any time soon.

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