If you’re a PC gamer, then you’re always looking for ways to improve your gaming performance. From PC Cleaner Pro to CCLeaner, there are hundreds of different software programs that improve PC gaming performance.

Today, I’m here to tell you about one more: GeForce Experience. Made by Nvidia, the world’s largest PC gaming video card manufacturer, GeForce Experience is a unique software program that can improve your gaming performance in a number of different ways.

GeForce Experience entered beta earlier this year and is now currently in version 1.8. The latest 1.8 update was released at the beginning of December and introduces a number of helpful changes.

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GeForce Experience includes all of the following features:

-Automatically check for the latest driver updates for your video card

-Automatically set your video game settings in order to achieve a minimum of 40fps (GeForce Experience measures your PC’s specs and tweaks your settings with a single click)

-You can also set your games to a minimum of 30fps if you want to sacrifice a bit of performance for higher graphics

-ShadowPlay in-game video and audio recording tool lets users save up to 20 minutes of full HD gameplay. When ShadowPlay is enabled, it saves all of this footage automatically without impacting performance. If you have a cool moment in-game, then you can use ShadowPlay to save that moment forever – even if you forgot to turn on your video recording software.

-With manual ShadowPlay Mode, users can record footage across multiple games until you’re out of disk space

-Stream PC games to your Nvidia Shield handheld gaming device, which you can then use to stream gaming footage to your TV

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How to auto-optimize your games using GeForce Experience

The auto-optimization features in GeForce Experience are easily my favorite part of the software. Here’s how it works:

-GeForce Experience scans your PC for any installed PC games

-GeForce Experience supports most of today’s popular PC games. When these games are found, they’ll appear in the auto-optimization menu.

-Click on each game to reveal a range of in-game graphics settings. Click on the Optimize Settings button to automatically boost that game’s graphics settings to the recommended levels. These graphics settings should keep your game at a steady minimum FPS of 40 or 30, depending on which setting you chose.

Nvidia is making an effort to simplify PC gaming – and that’s a good thing. With automatic graphics settings and video capture, Nvidia is introducing some welcome console-ish features to the system.

You can download GeForce Experience for free today here:


Obviously, GeForce Experience is restricted to users with Nvidia graphics cards.

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