If you own a desktop PC, then you may have never looked inside the case. However, depending on how old your computer is, the interior of your case may be slowing down your PC. Today, we’re going to show you how to quickly and easily organize your computer case in order to speed up your PC.

Clean out the dust

One of the leading causes of PC slowdowns is dust inside the computer case. Some people are surprised to learn that their PC is actually affected by what is going on inside the case, and that the speed of your computer is not entirely dependent on the software you have installed.

For this step, you’re going to need a canister of compressed air. These can be found at any computer hardware store, and even retailers like Wal-Mart should carry them. They shouldn’t cost more than $10. Once you have your canister, shut down your PC.

Most computers have a side panel that can easily be removed. You may have to remove some of the screws at the back of the case, but this shouldn’t be difficult to do. Once the case is off, you can take a look inside. Does it look dusty? If you have never cleaned out your PC before, and it’s more than 6 months old, then there will be quite a bit of dust inside. Take your PC to a well-ventilated location (like your outdoor deck) and start to spray the interior of your case with your canister of compressed air.

Most of the dust will have collected around the intake and exhaust fans. These fans suck cool air into your PC and blow hot air out, and dust always gathers nearby. Spray each fan with a couple shots of compressed air to blast the dust out of there. You may also want to wipe the fan down with a piece of tissue paper to make sure it’s completely clean.

You should also focus your cleaning on your CPU heatsink, video card, and any other components that have a special fan built-in. Most gaming video cards will have at least one cooling fan, for example, and CPU heatsinks can fill up with dust.

How does dust slow down your PC? Well, by clogging up your cooling fans, it reduces the efficiency of your computer. Your parts may start to overheat, or they may have to work harder to accomplish even the most basic tasks. For these reasons, it’s important to clean out your dusty PC on a regular basis.

Organize your cables

If you’re serious about optimizing your computer’s speed, then you might also want to organize your interior cables. Every component will have a power supply cable attached to it, and they may also have a special connection cable with the motherboard.

Using a few cable ties (which may come included with your motherboard or PC), you can tie these cables together. Not only does this make your PC look cleaner, but it optimizes airflow through the system, meaning cool air can get in and hot air can get out. If you run a lot of performance-intensive tasks, then this can make a huge difference in terms of overall efficiency.

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