Traveling is a lot of fun. Unless someone steals your phone, laptop, wallet, and other important data. When that happens, you’ve got way more to lose than just a few dollars: you can lose all of the priceless memories you made during the trip.

That’s why it’s important to spend a few minutes learning how to protect your data while traveling. Here are some of the best and most effective ways to protect all sorts of data no matter where in the world you’re traveling:

Take advantage of cloud storage

This is the first tip on this list for a reason: people who use cloud storage correctly will never lose anything in their lives. If your phone gets stolen, then all of your photos can be retrieved on another cloud-connected device, like your laptop or desktop PC.

Personally, when I travel, I take all pictures using my phone. I installed Dropbox on my phone and tell my phone to automatically upload pictures whenever it’s connected to a Wi-Fi network. When I return to my room at the end of a day of sightseeing, all my pictures quietly upload themselves to the cloud.

dropbox sync photos

That way, if I drop my phone in water or it gets stolen, I haven’t lost anything priceless. Setting up Dropbox (and any other cloud storage service) is easy. Here are a few of the most popular services that offer free cloud storage and backup services:

-Google Drive

-Microsoft SkyDrive



These services can be used to automatically and manually backup any files. From photos to music, cloud storage is an absolute lifesaver when traveling. All of the above services are free, although you can pay a small monthly fee for additional storage space.

Transfer photos between devices regularly

Uploading photos over Wi-Fi can take a long time – especially if you’ve taken a lot of photos that day or if you’re staying in a hotel/hostel with really bad internet.

If you haven’t been able to upload photos to cloud storage in a while, then I recommend swapping out your microSD card from your phone or camera and doing one of two things:

-Saving that microSD card in a secure location in your luggage

cloud storage services


-Transferring the photos from that microSD card to your laptop or to another computer

Using these two methods, your photos won’t be completely lost if you lose your camera or phone.

If you’re going on a trip in the near future, set up cloud storage today and establish automatic syncing. Automatic photo syncing generally works with any modern smartphone, and you can even upload photos to SkyDrive from an iPhone, if you so desire.

cloud storage travel photos

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