How to Reset Your Windows Password in Minutes Without Downloading Extra Software

How to Reset Your Windows Password in Minutes Without Downloading Extra Software

We’ve all been there. You’re sitting at your computer and can’t remember the password to your account. Or maybe you’re trying to get into a friend’s computer to, you know, plan a surprise birthday party.

But whatever the case may be, hacking into a Windows account is virtually impossible, right? It can’t be done without calling some expert Russian hacker? Fortunately, that’s simply not true with windows anymore. A recent article by TechSpot showed us how to break into any Windows account in just a few minutes without depending on extra software.

And best of all – this method is easy for anybody to figure out. Whether you’re a tech whiz or a complete newbie, you can follow the instructions listed below to get into any Windows account:

Step 1) Put your Windows 8 recovery disk into the drive

Step 2) As you restart your computer, the recovery window will pop up. Click on the Troubleshoot option from that menu.

Step 3) Open the Command Prompt from the troubleshoot menu

Step 4) Identify the hard drive on which Windows is located using DiskPart

Step 5) Find the WindowsSystem32 folder and open it by typing in cd windows and pressing Enter and then by typing cd system32 and pressing enter

Step 6) Delete utiliman.exe and rename cmd.exe as that file (i.e. rename cmd.exe as utiliman.exe). For detailed instructions on how to do this using the command prompt interface, check out this detailed writeup

Step 7) Reboot your computer

Step 8) The Ease of Access Center icon will launch a command prompt. Click on that icon, located in the bottom left corner of your login screen

Step 9) Enter net user to get a list of all the Windows accounts on that machine

Step 10) Enter net user YOUR USERNAME * to reset the password for that account. The command prompt will ask you to enter a new password and then confirm that new password

Step 11) Done! You’ve successfully broken into a Windows account in less than ten minutes

If you want a more detailed description of the steps involved in this process, check out the expert tutorial written by Jamal H. Naji here. Or, read the Windows 7 writeup here.

Alternative methods of hacking Windows accounts

If the method listed above doesn’t work for you (for whatever reason), then rest assured there are other solutions available. Just last week, a hacker demonstrated that he could unlock an 8-character Windows password in just six hours by using the power of 25 video cards. So if you want to put your graphics card to work, it shouldn’t take more than a week or so to unlock the account on your Windows machine.

But really, the method listed above should work for everyone. Try it out today. And if it doesn’t work, drop us a line in the comments section below and we’ll figure it out with you.



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