Nobody likes sitting at their office chair waiting for their computer to start up. Whether it takes twenty seconds or two minutes for your computer to fully boot, that’s time that could be better spent doing anything else.

Fortunately, there are dozens of ways to speed up your computer’s boot times. And in Windows 8, speeding up boot times is even easier. Today, we’re going to show you how to quickly and easily speed up boot times in Windows 8. And trust me – it won’t take long.

Step 1) Open the Task Manger by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete

Step 2) Go to the Startup tab along the top menu bar

Step 3) Sort items based on their impact to Startup times. Windows 8 assigns a value based on High, Medium, or Low resource usage during startup. You’ll want to focus your attention on the High impact programs first. Disable any High impact programs that you don’t need when your computer boots. To do this, simply highlight a program and press ‘Disable’.

Step 4) That’s it!

Speeding up boot times in Windows 7, Vista, and XP

If you haven’t upgraded to Windows 8 and want to increase boot speeds in Windows 7, Vista, or XP, then there are two ways to do that:


Msconfig is basically the same process we listed above for Windows 8, although it’s slightly more difficult to access. Open a run command by pressing the Windows Key + R (or by going to the Start menu and clicking ‘Run’). Then, type in msconfig.

A menu should pop up which looks fairly similar to the menu we listed above for Windows 8. Once again, click on the Startup tab. Unfortunately, earlier versions of Windows don’t have the ‘startup impact’ tab. However, the rest of the steps are the same – find programs you don’t need when your computer starts up, then disable them with a single click.

Exit msconfig to apply those changes to your computer

PC Cleaner Pro

The other way to speed up your computer’s startup times is to optimize its performance using a third-party software program like PC Cleaner Pro. Along with reducing startup times, PC Cleaner Pro optimizes just about everything else on your computer, including the Windows registry, hard drive speed, internet performance, and all sorts of other useful elements.

If you’re interested in trying out PC cleaner Pro without paying a dime, click here and download your free trial today!

Measuring startup times

There’s nothing complicated about measuring startup times. There’s no complex benchmarking application to download. Instead, just time yourself using a clock or stopwatch app on your phone. Measure your start time before making the changes listed above, then measure the time afterwards to see if there’s a considerable difference.

Let us know how much time you saved by leaving us a comment below!

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