How to Speed Up Facebook Chat

How to Speed Up Facebook Chat

If you love chatting with your friends on Facebook, but don’t like having to wait to send and receive messages, then you should try the official Facebook Messenger. Designed specifically for Windows, Facebook Messenger is faster, cleaner, and easier to use than the browser-based application.

Here are just a few advantages of using the Official Facebook Messenger:


Instead of waiting for your browser to figure out who is sending you a message, Facebook Messenger gives users a faster, smoother experience.  On older PCs, the many applications within Facebook can be the source of many slowdowns and crashes, and it has left many users tearing their hair out in frustration. While Facebook Chat has come a long way since first being introduced a few years ago, it is still far from perfect. With Facebook Messenger, you save yourself both time and frustration.


The Facebook Messenger application is a mere 500kb in size, which means that you should be able to download and install it within seconds. Once installed, you can easily connect with your friends by clicking on their names within the chat interface. Chats can be separated into multiple tabs, and you can even search among your friends to find exactly who you want to talk to.

Portable news feed:

Instead of checking Facebook every time you want an update on your friends, Facebook Messenger has a scrolling update bar above your list of contacts – much like the one within the browser-based Facebook Chat. This gives users the chance to instantly see what their friends are up to. You can even check notifications, send and receive messages, accept friend requests, and do pretty much anything you normally do on Facebook.

The bottom line:

Facebook Messenger is one of the easiest messenger programs we’ve ever used. If your computer struggles to keep up with the browser-based version of Facebook chat, then this is your next best option. Click HERE to download Facebook Messenger today.



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