How to speed up my computer? A question that you might have been asking yourself for quite a long time already. You could be thinking that there is no other solution other than buying a new one which means you’ll be spending quite a lot of money. Well, you’re wrong. There are quick and easy ways you could follow in order to make your computer faster and keep it running smoothly.

Freeing Some Disk Space with the Disk Cleanup Tool

First off, make sure you remove all unnecessary items in your PC. To make the cleaning process easier, you can use the Disk Cleanup tool which detects identified unused files and gives you the option to pick which ones you want to remove . It can remove items such as temporary files such as error messages that are products of installing programs. You might not be aware of it, but even these little bits of trash in your computer could ‘cause it to run slowly. When you go internet surfing, the websites you visit could also acquire temporary internet files, so always clear them up to. After getting rid of all these crap using the cleanup tool, always remember to clear the recycle bin too. Items that are dumped to the recycle bin can still be restored meaning they still eat some hard drive space up.

Organize Your Computer by using the Disk Defragmenter.

Fragmented files could be such a mess in your computer making them very hard to find. So, make sure you organize your computer by using the Disk Defragmenter every once in a while. Though it will not make your computer running faster and as matter of fact slows it down during the defragmenting process, it makes file searching a lot faster since it groups items together to their designated folders.
Disk defragmenting should only be done at times when you feel the need to. When adding a huge number of files to your computer or installing an updated version of your PC’s operating, then you could do defragmentation.

Updating your anti-spyware and anti-virus software timely

When you browse the web, do social media, there could be times that your browser or computer slows down. It is actually the effect of spywares that are secretly collecting your personal or confidential info without your permission. So, always make sure you keep your anti-spyware software up to date to get rid of these internet parasites.

Visiting unsecured websites could cause hazard to your computer. Why is that so? The answer is simple, it could acquire different types of viruses from these kind of sites which could spread all on your computer’s hard disk, lead to permanent removal of some files and system32 error messages. These internet acquired viruses are mostly the reason behind a slow computer with good specs. That being said, you should always check for anti-virus software updates.

Always check your System Settings

Even your PC has impressive specs, there are some instances that it could slow down because of its system settings. Have some time to check it up and as much as possible keep things light by turning off indexing of files, getting rid of fonts that are unnecessary and even turning off visual effects just to make your interface look nice. If you want to achieve a better computer speed, then you’ll have to give these things up. You should only consider turning these features on when you run programs that need them on.

Computer users should know that spending money is not the only solution to their computer related problems especially with the financial crisis that the world is facing these days. So, be practical and make the most out of your computer. So, follow what you just read which is how I speed up my PC free!

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