How to Speed Up My PC

How to Speed Up My PC

When my Computer was working like a bullock cart instead of a train, I was frustrated for I dint know what the problem actually was. Tried calling in every possible person to know of the best means to help me sort out my system. Not getting anything helpful from other ends, the only best option I could think of was Google. They say there is an answer for almost anything on Google. Hence I typed in “How to Speed Up My PC”. Thankfully there were thousands of search results available for me. But the problem didn’t become any easy for I had to choose the most appropriate solution from all.

If you are facing the similar problem with your computer and need to Speed Up PC, then read carefully through the following lines.

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw the speed slow down was virus. Considering I was desperate to Make My PC Run Faster, I wanted to try every possible means. hence I started out with a virus scan. I was sure of the antivirus that I was using, it did bring in updates at the scheduled scans that it did of the complete system. Considering that very recently I had done a check, I still tried my luck. There was no virus as such. however it was not a waste of time for me, because I had ruled out one possibility in regards with the speed related problem. Certainly you should try checking up for virus, for the problem might just be that and you would get back your computer to run the way it used to.

But for me, I had to look for other means that would help me Make My PC Faster. some articles on the internet spoke about windows registry cleaner. Considering the fact that I was using windows, I went with the cleaner. Just when I was about to go in for the free registry cleaner, I read an article that stated that the free ones tend to overlook on certain errors making in very difficult to solve the problem. To which I realized that my antivirus is also a free version and not the paid one. I wanted to Speed Up My Computer any which way. So I read up about the paid ones, got the best options available. certainly I dint want to take any risk with the computer, and shelling out a little bit from the pocket was no harm.

The second option spoke about defragmentation of the hard disk. This is was considered important because it helps in removing the unwanted space, at the same time bringing in all the files related data together so it helps the user to delete the unwanted files. Just by having unwanted files and space, chances of speed being affected are high. the option for disk defragmenter can be found in the system tools. This is one such activity that needs to be conducted every 2 months, this way you can keep a track of all the files of in the system.

I wanted to Make My Computer Faster; hence I looked up for all possible options that could help. One thing that can actually affect the speed is the existence of corrupt files. The files that we download from the internet might get stored in some location, and if left unchecked then it won’t just eat up the disk space but cause problems in the future as well. Therefore it is always better to remove the temporary files from the computer. The files that are unwanted should be washed away.

Apart from all this, make sure you have a good antivirus. When someone asks me as to How to Speed Up My Computer, with even importance being given to the above mentioned points, I would suggest you to get a good antivirus, pay enough attention to maintenance of the computer, sometimes the existence of dust in the computer might get the computer to get overheated. So much so the dust in the keyboards also makes it difficult to work on the computer. And at the same time make sure there is a backup of files. At some point if you happen to lose the information, you will still have one option to go back and retrieve all what you had on the system.



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