Benchmarking programs are an excellent way to test your PC’s performance. Benchmarking programs push your PC’s graphics and processing power to the limits. You can use that data to compare your system to other users or to your own system after tweaking it.

For example, many PC Cleaner Pro users choose to run a benchmark before and after a PC Cleaner Pro scan. This can result in performance boosts as high as 90%, and it’s always fun to see benchmark scores improve after installing new software or swapping in new RAM.

Well now, a new challenger has entered the benchmarking software scene. And it’s unlike any other benchmarking software we’ve seen before. It’s called Catzilla, and it’s one of the most bizarre and entertaining benchmark programs available today.

Catzilla -as the name suggests – involves a mutant cat creature. As the benchmark runs, users are treated to high-quality video of a demon cat creature wreaking havoc upon a city. The benchmark only takes two minutes to run, and after the test is complete, users get to see their score and can compare that score to other PC users – or keep it for future reference when adding new parts.

Oh, and did I mention that there’s crazy dubstep music playing as all the goofy destruction goes on?

If you don’t want to take the time to download and run the benchmark, then you can watch the crazy video on YouTube below:

IGN was kind enough to upload that video, and as you can see, things get crazy very quickly. It’s like Battlefield with cats and dubstep.

Sure, Catzilla isn’t the most technologically advanced benchmark test available today, but it’s certainly the most creative. Be sure to watch to the end, which is when some chick comes out wielding dual light sabers and a rival Godzilla-cat emerges from a massive blue tower and starts an epic battle. Why are you even reading this? Just watch the above video.

The basic Catzilla benchmark is available for free, but paid versions are also available. You can download Catzilla today for free by clicking here.



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