Ready to speed up your PC? Of course you are. Here’s how to speed up your PC quickly and easily using MSConfig.

What is MSConfig?

MSConfig is a tool included in every Windows PC. It stands for Microsoft Configuration/System Configuration.

What does MSConfig do?

MSConfig lets users easily configure various aspects of their Windows PC, including:

-Choose the type of Startup (Normal, Diagnostic, or Selective)

-Control boot settings without going into the BIOS

-Choose which services and programs launch on startup

-Launch virtually every Windows tool, including troubleshooting tools, registry editing tools, and the Task Manager

Basically, MSConfig lets you optimize the startup sequence of your Windows PC. That might sound technical, but it’s actually really easy to do – even if you’re bad with computers.

ms config speed up pc

How do I use MSConfig to speed up my computer?

It’s easy to speed up your computer using MSConfig. Here’s a step by step guide:

-Click your Windows Start button

-Type in MSConfig

-You’ll see a number of tabs along the top menu. Click on the Startup tab first. This shows you all the processes that currently load when your PC starts up. You can eliminate unnecessary startup programs from here in order to speed up your PC.

-From the Startup tab, click the Manufacturer heading to sort through Startup processes by manufacturer. I find this is the easiest way to sort through a cluttered list of Startup programs, but sorting by alphabetical order on the Startup Item tab is also easy.

-Disable any programs you don’t need on Startup. Disable programs by unchecking the box beside each listing. Here are some examples of the programs I’ve disabled using MSConfig in order to speed up my PC:


-Adobe Reader

-Apple Push

-YouCam (my laptop’s webcam)


-Kies/KiesPDLR/Kies TrayAgent/Kies Air Message

-Adobe Reader Speed Launcher

Your MSConfig will have a bunch of different programs. I can’t describe each and every application on your MSConfig. Fortunately, there is an easy way to check if you can disable a program or not: just Google it.

In some cases, you’ll see an unfamiliar program on MSConfig that’s not attributed to any recognizable manufacturer. Sometimes, this is an innocent program that is labeled strangely. However, in other cases, it can be a virus trying to add itself to your Startup queue.

How to use the other MSConfig applications

The other tabs in MSConfig should only be used by ‘advanced’ PC users – whatever that means. If you’re willing to mess around with critical system settings and deal with the consequences, then go right ahead.

ms config

The other tabs aren’t as important as ‘Startup’. The ‘Services’ section functions in a very similar way to the Startup tab, although the processes listed tend to be more important system functions. Avoid disabling Microsoft services as it can cause some serious problems with your PC and generally won’t speed up performance by a huge amount.

Meanwhile, the General and Boot tabs can be used to configure various aspects of the Startup sequence, including booting into Safe Mode by default or disabling features like GUI boost.

See? That didn’t take too long, did it? For more tips on speeding up your PC quickly and easily, see article recommendations below.

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