For years, PC gamers have been ‘stuck’ with a simple keyboard and mouse to play their favorite games. As useful as these peripherals have been, they only use two parts of the body – the hands.

That’s a problem that the designers of the Stinky Footboard seek to solve. Yes, the Stinky Footboard is the real name of a new gaming peripheral that aims to bring gamer’s feet into the mix.

Just like a piano player has pedals, gamers will now be able to use their flippers to execute all sorts of different commands. Just like any peripheral, you can assign any command to the Stinky Footboard that you would like. You might want to assign the ‘Reload’ key to the Stinky Footboard, for example, so your fingers can stay locked to the WASD keys.

How it works

The concept behind the Stinky Footboard is simple. The device is shaped like a cross, and gamers can press up, down, left, or right to trigger one of four different action buttons.

That’s right: the Stinky Footboard will add four new keys to the gamer’s arsenal. You might only ever use one or two of them on a regular basis (reload and action key, perhaps?), but I can see this idea catching on with a niche group of gamers – especially with complicated games that I don’t quite understand like League of Legends.

Anyways, the board is designed to be as comfortable as possible, which will be good because gamers spend long hours sitting at their desks on a regular basis. The cross-design should make pressing the four separate buttons very easy – even if you’re not staring down at your feet.

Will it improve gaming performance?

At the Speed Up My PC free blog, we’re all about improving gaming performance. Whether you’re upgrading software and hardware for more frames per second or just honing your trigger finger, our articles are designed to make the time you spend on your PC more enjoyable.

So on that note, does the Stinky Footboard live up to its promise? Well, adjusting to the board might be difficult at first. Most gamers aren’t used to having something underneath their feet while they game (unless maybe it’s a cat). So getting used to that extra key could take a few rounds of Call of Duty.

But with the ergonomic, comfort-based design and commitment to actually helping improve the performance of PC gamers (the product was designed by gamers), the Stinky Footboard should help you out in first person shooters and other high-intensity PC games – especially if you have trouble finding WASD after wandering around trying to find the reload button or the action key.

The Stinky Footboard isn’t for everybody. But it’s certainly a cool toy to try out. The Kickstarter campaign for the peripheral is complete and according to the Stinky Footboard website, it should be available around June 2013.

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