Most of us use screen savers on our computers. In fact, Windows 7 enables a black screen saver to pop up after 20 minutes of inactivity by default. Using a black screen saver helps reduce the power consumption of your monitors while protecting your computer from unwanted eyes.

But how cool would it be to deactivate your screensaver without ever touching your keyboard or mouse? What if your screensaver turned off as soon as you entered your office? Thanks to a new webcam tool, you can use real-life motion to disable your computer’s screensaver – and setting it up is not nearly as difficult as you might think.

Step by step guide

Step 1) Download and install YawCam, a free webcam application for Windows

Step 2) Start up YawCam and ensure your screen looks like this:

Step 3) At this point, you might have to manually detect your webcam. If a screen pops up that instructs you to choose a device, then you’ll have to go to Settings > Detect webcam

Step 4) To discover when YawCam registers motion, go to Window > Motion Detection. You should see your webcam video feed in the top left corner, you have to make fairly large motions in order for YawCam to register motion, but it doesn’t take long to figure out what counts as motion and what does not. If you want to make the program more sensitive to movement, go to the Settings tab and change the ‘Tolerance’ setting.

Step 5) Go to the Actions tab and uncheck ‘Play Sound’ (some people find the sound annoying)

Step 6) This is where you put your coding skills to work. But not really, because this guy has already coded a simple application for you. Simply open up a Notepad file and copy and paste the following code inside:



<script language=”VBScript”>

set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject(“WScript.Shell”)





Then, click on File > Save as and save it as a .wsf file (it doesn’t matter what you name it, as long as the file extension is .wsf). This code won’t do anything evil to your computer. It simply tells your computer to press Enter.

Step 7) Open YawCam again and go to the Actions tab. Choose “Run.exe” then click “Settings”. You’ll see a text field. In that field, type the file pathway where your .swf file can be found. You should also activate the ‘Flood Control’ setting, which will prevent your computer from tapping enter every time you squirm around in your office chair.

Step 8) Now here’s the catch. You need to enable the YawCam motion sensor every time you walk away from your computer. It might not be the most practical solution, but it certainly looks very cool. If you’re looking to impress coworkers with your computer skills, then this is one way to do it.

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