The Xbox One will be released within the next few months – November 2013, specifically. The Xbox One comes with a fancy redesigned wireless Xbox controller that looks a lot like older versions of the controller while featuring some nifty changes – like better joystick textures.

The Xbox 360 wireless and wired controllers are the most popular PC controllers available today. Both controllers work seamlessly with Windows, making it easy for PC gamers to enjoy the console experience on their PCs.

However, PC gamers won’t be able to do that with the Xbox One controllers from day…one. Instead, they’ll have to wait until “some time in 2014” before Microsoft gets around to releasing a Windows driver for the Xbox One controller.

Why the wait? The Xbox One is more different than you think

When you look at the Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers side by side, they don’t look all that different from one another. However, inside, the controllers are completely different. The Xbox One uses a brand new wireless protocol and it also uses a micro-USB output port that can be used to charge the controller or run it without batteries.

All of those changes need to be rewritten in the controller drivers for the Xbox One controller to work on the PC. Apparently, those changes aren’t as easy as they seem to an outside observer. According to CVG, Microsoft will have to rewrite the controller drivers to make sure all older games designed for the Xbox 360 controller will actually work.

One year seems like a long time to wait for basic controller functionality, but in all likelihood, a third party coder will release a driver on the first day the Xbox One is released in order to make the XBone controller work on the PC.

Now all we need is an official GTA:V PC announcement and it looks like another excellent fall to be a PC gamer!



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