Thinking of building a new PC in the next few months? You might want to wait.

Industry analysts are predicting that prices on some SSDs will drop significantly over the course of 2015.

One industry analyst – Apacer Technology general manager CK Chang – believes that prices for 256GB SSDs will fall to a retail value below $70.

Currently, 256GB SSDs retail for a price of around $100, with 128GB models costing closer to $70.

If Chang’s predictions are true, 128GB models will also drop to a paltry $40 – cheaper than an average keyboard.

The price-to-gigabyte ratio for SSDs has been dropping constantly since they hit the market four years ago. 2015, however, could be the year that they drop further than ever before – and that’s good news for any PC gamers or PC enthusiasts.

Of course, if you stopped building your PC because of rumored price drops, you would never get anything built – build your PC and avoid looking at PC parts pricing websites for the next few months. PC parts prices are dropping all the time. No matter how hard you try to time it, you’re always going to miss out on some big deal.


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