If you’re visiting SpeedUpMyPCFree.com, then you’re obviously interested in learning how to make your computer go faster. And hey, we all appreciate a faster PC, right?

Today, we’re going to tell you about a PC performance tip that can be used on any Windows 7 computer. Specifically, independent tests have shown that removing Microsoft’s built-in antivirus software can result in a significant increase in computer speeds.

The results of that test can be seen below. The dashed line through the center of that graph shows the performance impact of Windows 7 with a standard installation of Microsoft Security Essentials (which comes pre-installed with all Windows 7 computers).


The dashed line has a higher resource usage than approximately one-third of all third-party antivirus software, with the majority of antivirus software having a higher performance impact. In other words, by replacing Microsoft Security Essentials with any of the following software programs, you can significantly reduce your computer’s workload and speed up its performance:








Meanwhile, stay far away from resource-intensive programs like Kingsoft, McAfee, and eScan, which take up a considerably higher portion of your computer’s resources. Fortunately, most of the resource-intensive programs listed on the above chart are popular outside of North America and western countries, while the low-resource usage programs are among the most popular programs in the North American market.

antivirus 2010

Here’s a step by step guide to speeding up Windows 7 by removing Microsoft Security Essentials

Step 1) Download and install one of the low-resource antivirus programs listed above (many of these programs have free trials for you to download)

Step 2) Once your new antivirus software has been installed, uninstall Microsoft Security Essentials. You can do this from the simple Add or Remove Programs menu, or by typing uninstall into the Windows 7 search bar. If you cannot uninstall Microsoft Security Essentials through this method, read this guide on how to uninstall it manually.

Step 3) With your new antivirus software up and running and Microsoft Security Essentials a distant memory, you should be able to notice significantly faster PC performance

That’s it! By following the steps listed above, anyone can speed up boot times, increase computer performance, and make all software and PC games run faster. Just make sure the antivirus software with which you replace Microsoft Security Essentials is on the far left side of the graph shown above and your computer is guaranteed to increase in speed.

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