Today, Windows’ largest userbase is in the corporate world, where programs like Word and Excel are ubiquitous. Meanwhile, consumer support for Windows is lagging, with more consumers switching to Android-powered mobile tablets and other low-cost alternatives.

Fortunately, Internet Explorer 11 could give the company a much-needed boost. The IE11 Developer Preview for Windows 7 was recently released, bringing with it some more power under the hood that business users in particular can benefit from.

In fact, IE 11 might be one of the best business-oriented browsers ever made. While browsers like Chrome and Firefox have captured the hearts of consumers with their plugins and customizable themes, Internet Explorer 11 aims to capture a different part of the market with the following features:

-JavaScript runs 50% faster in IE11 compared to Chrome

-Better support for “Web 3.0” technology, which includes a new era of interactivity, data mining, and artificial browser intelligence

-Improved support for HTML 5, including drag and drop functionality for tools like SkyDrive and Office Web Apps

-Full support for WebGL for delivering smooth, 3D graphics over the internet

-New F12 developer tool features which should make building and editing websites easier

-Support for HTML5 applications like Netflix without plugins


You can read about a lot of IE11 features and hard performance statistics at the official Microsoft blog. It looks like Microsoft put a lot of work into making IE11 the best browser for running high-performance browser-based functions – which will be useful for everything from Google Maps to GlacierWorks and HD videos.

The LiteBrite test – testing your browser speed

Microsoft loves using performance benchmarks to show off its hardware and software capabilities. That’s obviously a good thing. Along with the IE11 release, Microsoft also unveiled something called the LiteBrite test which tests the speed at which your browser processes HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The performance benchmarks are designed to show you that IE11 is faster than all other browsers.

IE11 won’t be for everyone. It won’t even be for most users. However, if you’re a business user looking to get a little more work done on your PC, then you may want to consider downloading IE11 for Windows 7 (or upgrading to the latest version of Windows 8/8.1) to enjoy the new browser experience today.

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