For the last few weeks, the tech world has been awash with rumors that an iPad Mini was on the horizon for Apple. Although Apple hasn’t confirmed anything yet (and they likely won’t until their September 12 event), more and more sources are coming forward to claim that the iPad Mini will be released this fall.

CNet has been featuring iPad Mini rumors throughout the last few months, and this article claims that the new iPhone will be released not long after the September 12 event. In fact, the iPhone 5 could be seen on store shelves on September 21, with the new iPad Mini arriving a few weeks later, in October.

However, there is not quite a clear consensus among sources in regards to the iPad Mini. Some say it will be announced on September 12 alongside the iPhone 5, while others say that the September 12 event is reserved solely for the iPhone 5, and that the iPad Mini will be announced in October – not released in October.

In any case, the September 12 event could be Apple’s biggest announcement festival since the iPad was first showcased in 2010. Traditionally, every Apple event makes tech writers around the world giggle like school girls, but there is more hype than usual surrounding this event. With Apple’s recent massive win over Samsung in a South Korean courtroom, Apple could be poised to make another leap forward in its quest for world dominance.

Stay tuned to the Speed Up My PC Free blog for more information about the iPad Mini! We’ll have the full September 12 event covered to keep consumers up to date on the latest news in the world of computer technology.


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