In addition to China and North Korea, Iran is one of the most restrictive countries on the planet. But it looks like Iran’s citizens just became a little more suppressed. Today, is reporting that Iran’s government has blocked access to Gmail and Google.

Although it’s still possible to access Google and Gmail through alternative IP addresses and some mobile carriers, it’s likely that these loopholes will be closed shortly.

Iran blocked Google’s services in an effort to crack down on “illegal internet content” while improving the security of its regime. Of course, it didn’t take long for many to suspect that the infamous 14 minute Prophet Muhammad video, the Innocence of Muslims, was the catalyst behind the decision.

Iran and the internet might soon break up completely

Iran’s government is worried about the internet and the dangers it poses to the legitimacy of their regime. As a result, Iran announced in May that it would work to disconnect internal networks from the internet completely. This would be done to limit the spread of objectionable content, but it would also be done to minimize the risk of cyber-terrorist attacks against the Iranian nuclear program.

In any case, it’s not a good day to be an internet user in Iran.



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