You probably know about how much of a speed boost RAM can provide. However, what you may not know is that RAM is not necessarily the most important component if you want to speed up your PC. In fact, upgrading your RAM may not have any impact on your performance at all. To find out if your PC can benefit from a RAM upgrade, read the following guide.

Here are some ways in which a RAM upgrade will improve your PC:

-If you don’t have enough RAM to run your programs properly, then a RAM upgrade will ensure you meet the minimum requirements. For example, Windows 7 requires 2 gigabytes of RAM in order to operate, while most modern PC games require at least twice that amount. If all your other components meet the recommended requirements, then upgrading your RAM could be the difference between running a program and not running it.

-RAM also speeds up general PC performance of all your applications. Every time you run a program, it uses a little bit of your RAM. Resource-intensive programs – like video games – use quite a bit more RAM than, say, a Word document. If you upgrade your RAM, you’ll have more resources to devote to a wider range of tasks.

-The more RAM you have, the smoother your transition between programs will be. If you frequently switch between Microsoft Office applications and your internet browser, for example, but are frustrated by the time it takes your computer to make this switch, then you should be able to increase your performance by upgrading your RAM.

When should I not upgrade my RAM?

Some computers will not benefit from a RAM upgrade. If your PC has a weak CPU or video card, for example, then your PC’s performance could be limited by those components, not your RAM. The weakest component in your system is known as your ‘bottleneck’, and it’s important to identify the bottleneck before you make any hardware upgrades.

Similarly, if your computer has a virus or an unoptimized registry, your performance may have nothing to do with your hardware components. No matter how much you upgrade your RAM, it won’t be able to clean your hard drive of viruses and other malware issues, which is why it’s a good idea to invest in a good PC optimization program today.

In general, anybody with fewer than 4 gigabytes of RAM should notice a boost in performance from adding an extra stick. However, if your CPU and video card are not very good, then it doesn’t matter how much RAM you add: it won’t improve the performance of your PC.

By identifying your PC’s performance bottle neck and then addressing that concern, you can easily speed up your PC. Whether that bottleneck is RAM or another component is up to you to determine.

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