Lenovo Releases Massive 27-inch Tablet PC

Lenovo Releases Massive 27-inch Tablet PC

When I was young, having a 27-inch television in my room was a pretty big deal. Today, the average household PC monitor ranges from 19” to 30”, and why would anyone by a 27 inch TV?

We’re in the middle of the tablet revolution, and PC manufacturer Lenovo clearly likes the idea that “bigger is better” when it comes to hardware. That’s why it’s releasing a massive 27 inch Windows tablet PC.

The tablet is so big that Lenovo isn’t even calling it a tablet. Instead, the term ‘table’ is apparently the industry-preferred standard for tablet screens larger than 15 or so inches.

Lenovo unveiled the behemoth – called the IdeaCentre Horizon table PC – at CES 2013. It’s meant to lie flat on a surface and can be used by multiple people at the same time. The goal is to make playing around on your computer a multi-user experience that will bring friends and family members together.

Well isn’t that beautiful?

Tech specs for Lenovo’s 27 inch table PC

Is the IdeaCentre Horizon the computer your family needs to start talking to one another again? Here are some tech specs that might convince you:

-Runs Windows 8, which allows for 10 point multi-touch functionality

-Supports physical gaming accessories and controllers, which means you and multiple friends can play games together

-Preloaded with games from EA and Ubisoft

-27 inch screen

-1.1 inches thick

-Weighs 17.8 pounds (!!!)

-Kickstand that can be adjusted to play at different viewing angles

-An ‘e-dice’ and four joysticks are included in the package

-Approximate price point of $1,699

-Intel Core i7

-Nvidia GeForce GPU

-Full HD resolution (I would hope so with a screen that large)

At 17.8 pounds, carrying the IdeaCentre Horizon around might be a multi-user experience. How long will it take until kids start dropping these ‘tables’ and end up leaving cracks in the floor? But if Lenovo can truly deliver on its multi-user experience, it might be the first tablet that actually helps people talk to one another instead of being lost in their own little worlds.



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