Internet privacy is a greater concern today than it has been at any point in the past. I don’t have to remind you how much important information you keep online, but we both know it’s a lot.

That’s why I like the new Epic Privacy Browser, which, true to its name, provides an epic level of privacy for today’s internet users.

You can download the Epic Privacy Browser here for free. It comes with a number of features designed to help PC users avoid being tracked online. With the recent NSA scandal, it’s easy to see why this browser could be very popular.

Here’s how the Epic Privacy Browser works:


-It’s private: No one can track which websites you’re browsing and what you’re searching for

-It’s fast: By blocking tracking scripts and advertisements, websites can load up to 25% faster according to marketing info for the Epic Privacy Browser

-It’s secure: Every tab on your browser is a separate process, allowing users to enjoy better safety than other browsers

It’s powered by Chromium/Chrome: Chromium is the code on which Google Chrome is based. It’s the fastest internet browsing system available today, and Epic Privacy Browser is powered by it. That’s good.

-It protects you from external surveillance: Epic Privacy Browser was designed with the recent NSA scandals in mind. This browser automatically uses an encrypted data connection when visiting any website with ‘https’ enabled. All search terms are routed through a proxy in order to protect them, and the browser even promises to “protect your browsing from multiple NSA/PRISM partners.”

Basically, Epic Privacy Browser prevents your browser from saving all of the following information about you:



-Application cache


-Visited links

-Indexed database

-Login data

All of this data is erased as soon as you close the browser. When combined with ad blocking, simple proxy surfing, and other security features, it’s easy to see why Epic Privacy Browser could quickly become popular among the PC security crowd.


Epic versus Incognito Mode

I’m sure some of you are already wondering what types of advantages the epic privacy browser has over Incognito Mode in Chrome.

Even in Incognito Mode, Google and websites are able to collect data about you, including your browsing history, search terms, advertisement usage, and more. Incognito Mode also doesn’t come with ad blocking or proxy searching for that extra layer of security.

Of course, the Epic Privacy Browser could all be part of some NSA scam designed to lure unsavory PC users into mistakenly thinking that they’re not being tracked. But let’s hope that’s not the case. You can download the Epic Privacy Browser for free by clicking here.

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