If you want to speed up your Windows 7 PC, then you need to learn how to disable unnecessary extra features. Windows 7 is a powerful operating system, and it comes with a number of neat tools that many users will never take full advantage of. By disabling these tools today, you can easily increase the performance of your system and free up valuable memory and processing resources for more important tasks.

Here’s how to turn Windows 7 features on and off

-Go to your Start menu

-Click on Control Panel

-Select Uninstall a program. A menu will pop up

-On the left-hand side of that menu select Turn Windows features on or off

-Wait for the list to fill with Windows features and then disable any of the tools that you don’t need by unchecking the box next to each item.

If you’re unsure of what you can safely disable in this menu, here are a few recommended features that most people will never use:

-Tablet PC Components – This feature is only useful if you connect a tablet to your PC. If you don’t, then Windows is unnecessarily loading tablet drivers every time you boot up your computer.

-Windows Gadget Platform – If you don’t use Windows gadgets on your desktop, then you don’t need this feature.

-Media Features – Under this subheading there will be three different things to disable, including Windows DVD Maker, Windows Media Center, and Windows Media Player. If you don’t use one, two, or all of those features, then feel free to disable them.

-Internet Explorer 9 – If you use Chrome, Firefox, or another internet browser, then you may not need Internet Explorer 9.

-Games – Most PC gamers have advanced beyond the simple default Windows games like solitaire and Minesweeper. If you never use your Windows games any more, then you can turn them off in this menu.

Once you’re finished disabling any unwanted features, press ‘OK’ to apply the changes. Depending on the number of services you’ve disabled, this can take anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes. Windows will then prompt you to restart your computer, during which it will configure these features even further.

You’re done! When your computer boots up these services will no longer be enabled and your computer might have a shorter boot time and better performance. If you ever need to turn these features on again, then you know exactly where to go.

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