Usually, mass murder is nothing to laugh about, but in this case, it’s kind of funny. A hacker recently took control of a number of World of Warcraft servers using an exploit. Instead of stealing credit card information or performing other dangerous deeds, the hacker decided to do a bit of trolling.

That hacker (or possibly a team of hackers) marched through the server killing every character he encountered. Entire cities – like Ogrimmar and Stormwind – dropped dead, causing mass confusion and a whole lot of ‘WTFs’ dropped over chat channels.

Fortunately, Blizzard caught on to the hacker pretty quickly and hotfixed the exploit. They promise that the problem “should not be repeatable.” One quick thinking Stormwind citizen caught the carnage on video.

The video is actually pretty funny. Stormwind is a mess of bodies and characters respawn only to die once more. At one point, characters are spotted screaming ‘SAVE US GOD’ before dropping to the ground. You can also see the hackers wandering through the city smashing everybody that crosses their path.

Check out the video here:

So I guess South Park got it right after all. This is the end of the world….of Warcraft.

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