Microsoft is waving the white flag on its target of reaching 1 billion Windows 10 installs by 2018.

Microsoft had initially planned to reach 1 billion Windows 10 installations across all its devices by 2018. Now, after an interview with ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley, Microsoft admits that their goal is not attainable.

Instead, Microsoft described how they’re happy with the progress of Windows 10 but due to “the focusing of” the company’s phone hardware business, it will take longer than originally anticipated to reach the one billion monthly active devices goal.

Microsoft is attributing the missed target to a changing of focuses: back when Microsoft first made the target at Build 2015, their goal was to spread Windows 10 installations across desktop PCs, tablets, notebooks, Windows Phones, Xbox One consoles, HoloLens headsets, Surface Hub conferencing systems, and various internet of things / smart devices.

Windows 10 isn’t doing badly at all: Microsoft’s flagship OS has been installed on more than 300 million devices as of May of this year. The primary reason why Microsoft won’t hit its 1 billion device target is because it admitted earlier this year that Windows 10 Mobile would no longer be a focus for the company. Without a strong smartphone division, Microsoft needed to redo its target.

Basically, because Windows Phone never took off like Microsoft wanted, it’s tough to see how a 1 billion device target would be attainable.

In any case, Microsoft’s free Windows 10 upgrade offer is ending shortly. If you haven’t yet upgraded to Windows 10 for free, then you’re about to miss out. Of course, if you’ve held out for this long, then I’m guessing you’re not interested in Windows 10 at all.

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