The Xbox One will cost $100 more than the PlayStation 4 at launch. The Xbox One costs $499.99, while the PS4 will cost $399.99. Microsoft recently unveiled pricing for its Xbox One controllers and headsets and it looks like the Xbox One will continue the trend of being more expensive than the PlayStation 4.

Specifically, Microsoft Xbox One controllers will cost:

-$59.99 for the basic Xbox One Wireless Controller

-$74.99 for the Xbox One Controller Play and Charge Kit

That seems like a somewhat reasonable price, since that’s about what the Xbox 360 wireless controllers cost. However, all Sony PS4 controllers come with a charging kit and cost only $59.99. In other words, Xbox One users will pay $15 more for an Xbox One controller with the same functionality as a PS4 controller.

Microsoft has defended its Xbox One accessory pricing by claiming that “the redesigned Xbox One controller is ‘simply the best controller Xbox has ever made’.” Those redesigns include new thumbsticks, a new directional pad, and impulse triggers that deliver vibration feedback in certain games.


Xbox 360 controllers will not be compatible

I don’t know about you, but I have 4 Xbox 360 controllers that I’ve collected over the years. Unfortunately, these controllers will not be compatible with Xbox One hardware. The Xbox One ships with only one controller, which means you’ll have to pay $60 or $75 if you want to play games with your friends.

Xbox One Chat Headset cost


Microsoft also announced pricing for the Xbox One Chat Headset, which will retail at $24.99. Older Xbox 360 headsets will be compatible with the Xbox One using an adapter, although Microsoft hasn’t said how much the adapter will cost (I doubt it would be much cheaper than $24.99).

Microsoft won over a lot of gamers when it took away its “Fascist” DRM restriction features, which would only allow gamers in a few lucky countries to use an Xbox One while also forcing users to have a constant online internet connection. Microsoft could add those features again in the future, although at launch, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will have about the same amount of freedom for gamers.

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