Microsoft apologizes, fixes embarrassing Skype bug

Microsoft apologizes, fixes embarrassing Skype bug

Have you ever sent an IM to someone and then immediately checked to see if you sent it to the right person? In most cases, your IM will get to its intended recipient. However, a recent Skype bug may have caused certain Skype IMs to be sent to a random recipient.

Obviously, bugs like this have the potential to be embarrassing and even devastating. Whether you’re communicating with your employees over Skype or your spouse, it’s never a good thing when messages go to the wrong person.

Fortunately, Microsoft released a hotfix today that addresses the bug and immediately fixes it. Microsoft claims IMs wouldn’t only be sent to the wrong recipient if Skype crashed just as a message was sending, which is fairly unlikely. As a result, Microsoft believes that the number of Skype users affected by this bug is quite small.

However, if one of your Skype contacts has been acting strangely around you lately, then it’s possible they received a message intended for another recipient. Better check your chat history just to make sure.

To download the Skype hotfix and prevent this issue from happening again, click here.



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