Microsoft apparently feels threatened by Google Docs. So threatened, in fact, that the company has decided to spend (presumably) millions of dollars creating a round of angry attack advertisements against the free service offered by Google.

Five advertisements have been released so far, and all of them are, to say the least, strange. Some of them are cringe-inducing, while others make it difficult to determine what point Microsoft is trying to prove.

To give you a taste of Microsoft’s awkward approach to advertising (nothing new there), check out this video below:

For whatever reason, Microsoft is basically comparing Google Docs to a socially inept white dude who is unsuccessfully trying to play basketball against the taller, stronger, and blacker ‘Office’ man. You can read into the racial implications of the commercial, but I suggest you don’t. Instead, try to figure out why Microsoft – the world’s largest software company – is picking on a company that gives away most of its software and services for free.

If that first video wasn’t painful enough for you, check out this one featuring Rob Schneider:!

Microsoft is taking a lot of heat over its videos. Right now, the dislike side of the bar outnumbers the ‘like’ side several times over. And to make matters worse, the commercials aren’t even bad enough to go viral for being bad commercials: they’re just dumb.

Anyways, I fail to see where Microsoft’s advertising is heading. If you can enlighten me, drop a comment below.

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