Microsoft releases new logo

Microsoft releases new logo

Microsoft has had the same logo for a long time. In fact, Microsoft’s logo hasn’t changed in 25 years. Today, Microsoft decided it was time for a change. With the release of Windows 8 and the Microsoft Surface just around the corner, Microsoft has started to rethink its brand image. One of the first things that seems to happen when re-thinking a brand is to change the logo:

The logo is actually a little deeper than you might think. Instead of just 4 randomly colored blocks, the 4 blocks of the Microsoft logo each represent a separate Microsoft product. The green square represents the Xbox brand, for example, and the blue square represents the Windows brand. The orange square is Microsoft Office, and the yellow square was not revealed in that video.

The yellow square could represent Outlook, or maybe it represents the soon-to-be-released Surface tablet. It could also represent the Windows Phone 8 mobile operating system.

Or maybe we’re looking way too deep into Microsoft’s new logo. According to a spokesperson for Microsoft, “the symbol’s squares of color are intended to express the company’s diverse portfolio of products.”

The logo is meant to signify the common look and feel that all Microsoft products will soon be sporting. Windows Phone 8 will look a lot like the Xbox dashboard, for example, and Windows 8 will match well with Microsoft Office.

You can expect to see Microsoft’s new logo appearing prominently around the world from hereon out.



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