Hackers use the images of certain celebrities to spread viruses. However, some celebrities – for whatever reason – attract more hackers than others. PC security firm McAfee decided to create a list of the world’s “Most Dangerous Celebrities” to show users which celebrities they should be extra careful about searching for.

Last year, Heidi Klum topped the list. This year, Klum has been dethroned by former Harry Potter star Emma Watson. According to the McAfee report, searches for “Emma Watson” have a 12% chance of sending users to malicious websites.

Those malicious websites infect users with spyware, viruses, and other problems. In many cases, all it takes is a single click on a malicious link to infect the computer, and some clever hackers even infect picture files with viruses, or automatically redirect Google Image searchers to malicious websites. One minute, you could be searching for pictures of “Emma Watson” on Google, and then the next minute, your computer could be frozen with viruses and malware.

Interestingly enough, all celebrities on the “Top 10 Most Dangerous Celebrities” list are female. Then again, this might not be too surprising considering how much time the average guy spends looking at women on the internet.

Here’s a full list of the celebrities on McAfee’s report:

1) Emma Watson

2) Jessica Biel

3) Eva Mendes

4) Selena Gomez

5) Halle Berry

6) Megan Fox

7) Shakira

8) Cameron Diaz

9) Salma Hayek

10) Sofia Vergara

In other words, some of the world’s sexiest female celebrities made the list.

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