Today, Lenovo is releasing a new PC called the ThinkCentre M92p. Ordinarily, the release of a new PC isn’t big news. However, the ThinkCentre M92p is no ordinary computer. As the picture above shows you, the M92p is no wider than a golf ball. It’s small enough to be shoved into a desk drawer or even taped against a wall.

With today’s technology, making a small computer isn’t really an amazing feat. After all, iPhones, tablets, and other electrical devices have all been able to cram a large amount of power into a small area. However, the M92p has shown that there is still room to innovate in the desktop PC market, and that small computers aren’t strictly reserved for today’s newest electronic gadgets.

Before you start thinking that the M92p is too weak to be a fast PC, consider the fact that it has an Intel 3rd Generation Core vPro processor inside. Intel has been developing those chips for several years in an effort to make them smaller and more accessible to the mobile market. Obviously, you can’t expect the M92p to run Skyrim or Battlefield 3, but it should be able to keep up with whatever tasks you would perform on a standard PC.

So how much does it cost to get one of these pint-sized PCs for yourself? The M92p costs $799, although Lenovo has an entire desktop line of mini computers that are being released today. Priced anywhere from $399 to $799, these new mini desktops might provide the spark that the industry needs to win back market share from tablet devices.

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